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Onboard amenities are just one more way that we strive to provide you with a comfortable and relaxing experience.

At Kasper, Your Comfort Comes First

When you travel with us, we want to make sure that from the moment you walk onboard, until the moment you arrive at your destination, we take care of you like no one else. From complimentary water bottle, Wi-Fi and USB chargers to our luxury buses and first-class amenities - that’s our commitment to you.


With fast and free Wi-Fi on board all of our buses, now you can spend your time effectively on your hands-free commutes. Use the time to catch up on social media or chat with friends and family.

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Power Outlets

We know how important your electronic devices are to you. That’s why our buses are equipped with electrical outlets on board, for you and your devices to enjoy while travelling.

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With plenty of space for your luggage, our bus offers the ideal comfort. The friendly drivers assist you in loading your check-in luggage. All details about our luggage rules can be found in the luggage policy.

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Comfortable Seats

Bus seats are designed to provide you with a comfortable seat, with soft and ample cushioning. Seats are positioned at an angle, allowing you plenty of legroom, even when sitting in the center.

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Our new AI-powered Facebook chatbot, named Chelsea, will be able to help customers to check schedule, book trips, get ticket prices and ask questions without speaking to a person.

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