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Our Bus Service | Kasper Transportation

Updated: Nov 24, 2022
Our Bus Service | Kasper Transportation
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Wherever you need to be - we're there

Kasper Minibus is a northern-focused carrier offering multiple scheduled trips per day on our Ford Transit buses with room for up to 14 passengers. Kasper offers an incredible experience with full amenities backed by our incredible safety record. We offer a full service experience at Kasper Mini Bus so rest assured, you’re travelling with the best!

We currently operate a host of scheduled services between the following communities with various stops in between:

SOS Last Minute Charter?

We are ready to save your day on short notice with our on demand charter service! Wherever is your destination, we’ll take you there on time and in uncompromised comfort! They're safe, comfortable and reliable, so you can be assured that your travel will be a success.

Minibus Specifications

Key Features

  • Onboard Internet & 4G Cellphone Booster for better reception
  • DVD Player
  • GPS Navigation
  • Dash & Security Cameras
  • Luxury interior finishing w/ Italian leather
  • Complimentary Water Bottles
  • Illuminated Overhead Storage
  • Air suspension options for sensitive parcels
  • Dropped luggage storage
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Extra Large Tinted Windows
  • Anti-Moose Bumper
  • Trained Professional Friendly Drivers


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