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Passengers with Disabilities

The following provisions reflect those contained in the Canadian Transportation Agency (the Agency) Guidelines on Services to be Provided to Persons with Disabilities Travelling on Small Aircraft which set out the Agency’s expectations in terms of the minimum service that is to be provided by air carriers using small aircraft. These provisions are available on the internet at:

Acceptance of Mobility Aids

(1)    The carrier will carry as priority baggage, in the cabin where possible, the following mobility aids:

(a)    a wheelchair (except when aircraft design does not permit carriage of the mobility aid);

(b)    a walker, a cane, crutches or braces;

(c)     a device to facilitate communication; and/or

(d)    any prosthesis or small medical device.

Where possible, the carrier will allow persons with disabilities to retain any items outlined in b), c), or d) at their seat.

(2)    Where the aircraft design does not permit the carriage of the aid, the carrier will advise the person with a disability of alternate transportation arrangements that the person may make to transport the aid, or to travel with the aid.