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Cost-effective shipping, same day-next day to remote communities for the price of a regular parcel.

What can be shipped?

Legacy shippers often struggle to provide the same level of service to consumers in remote communities in Ontario as they do in larger cities and centres. That's why parcel-by-bus is the ideal solution. Our busses travel daily to these underserved areas, specializing in low-volume shipping and transferring non-hazardous goods including everyday household items, replacement parts, non-perishable foods, documents and office supplies, and even lab samples for health units. We even ship packages for other legacy carriers who find our service more reliable. Our standard size for parcels is limited to 50” W X 8’ long X 50” tall and under 50 pounds, but if you have larger items, we are happy to provide advice on how to ship them or ask about our Hot Shot Service!

What can be shipped?

All baggage or goods presented for transportation is/are subjected to inspection at the discreation of our staff/driver.

The following items will be carried only with prior verification by the bus driver:

(a) Firearms of any description. Firearms for sport purposes will be carried as baggage provided the passenger possesses the required permit/licence and, provided that such firearms are disassembled or packed in a suitable case. The provisions of this subparagraph do not apply to Peace Officers’ prescribed side arms or other similar weapons.

(b) All animals must be in a kennel unless they can be held in your arms if they behave, clam, not barking or making noise, and are small enough not to disturb other passengers. We ask our customers not to be irresponsible with this and use their best judgment. If the pet is causing disturbance, or issues during the trip, our driver may need to take corrective action. We highly recommend that our customers know the limitations of their bets, and your ability to control their animal otherwise it is safer, and better for everyone for the pet to travel in a kennel.

*Under no circumstances, will dangerous good be shipped with us unless excempt from the regulations.

(1) Application for refund shall be made to the carrier or its duly authorized Agent.

(2) We will do our best to accommodate our customers and do right by them if we have failed to deliver on our service. The final amount of refund is at the discreation of the manager based on the unique circumstance.

(1) The liability of the carrier in respect of loss of, or damage to, goods, whether caused directly or indirectly by the act, neglect or default of the carrier or not, is limited to the insurance purchased by the customer for the package. Under special circumstances at our discreation, we can choose our final decision.

(2) Liability of the carrier is limited to the declared value of goods except when the passenger:

  • has declared a value of the goods in an amount exceeding $1000.00, unless customer has paid an additional charge of $4.00 per $100.00.

(3) The carrier will not pay loss or damage to negotiable instruments, money, securities, commercial papers, jewellery, precious stones, fine art or other items of extraordinary value. Items of special or extraordinary value can be shipped under our hot-shot service with special arrangements and might require extra security with insurance.

(4) The carrier will not pay for loss or damage arising from the breakage of clocks, china, glass, sculpture, or other items of a fragile nature, except in the event of an accident to the bus or if the items were properly package and inspected by our agents.

(5) Shipping perishable items is at your own risk, however we will do our utmost to take care of your package. For us to do this, it must be properly labelled and our agents must be informed if it requires temperature-controlled storage in our depot. Please be aware, not all of our depots are equipped with refrigerators or freezers, and our buses only have climate control for the passenger area. If necessary, you may need to provide your own special container - contact our customer service team to confirm if this is the case.

Our standard size for parcels is limited to 50” W X 8’ long X 50” tall and under 50 pounds, but if you have larger items, tehy can be shipped at addtional cost. We calculate the price based on the physical as well as the volumetric weight. The highest price among the both will be taken into consideration.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide the shipping quote online but in order to pay, you have two options. - You can pay at out main office in Thunderbay if you are in town when you drop the package to be shipped. - You can give us a call at 1-855-566-2378 and our agents can also the payment on call using your credit card. - You can also get a quote from our agents on call and drop the package and pay to our driver at the bus station.
Yes, our driver can pick up all the pacakages from any stop.
Yes, we do ship freight. We can deliver freight for you along highway 11 east to Geraldton and Longlac, along highway 17 east to White River, west to Winnipeg and Sioux Lookout, and even Red Lake every Wednesday but call for details regarding the Red Lake route. You can get a quote estimate on our Kasper Transportation App by entering your dimensions and weight of the package. Or you can contact our agent on call at 1-855-566-2378 with your freight dimension and weight for a quote as well.
There is nothing we can’t ship, safely and on time. Parcel, food, fresh produce, supplies, construction materials, light equipment, recreational items, home appliances, dangerous goods, housing materials, fishing gear, winter road equipment, hunting equipment, boat motors and vehicles. Our standard size for parcels is limited to 50” W X 8’ long X 50” tall. If you have large items we will be glad to advise you on how to ship it.
Our standard size for parcels is limited to **50” W X 8’ long X 50”** tall. If parcel exceeds dimensions and weight restrictions (150lbs) – extra costs may apply. Customer can contact our agents to accommodate larger sizes.
You can get your estimate on our mobile application or you can call us at 1-855-566-2378 and we’ll be happy to help you.
You can track your shipment online on our website www.gokasper.com/service/shipping or in our Kasper Transportation mobile application.
The cost depends upon the dimensions and the weight of the package. Please visit our website or call us for a quote.
We do not ship dangerous goods or illegal substances. Any violations of this restriction can be prosecuted by law enforcement.
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Where we ship?

We ship to all major cities in the Northern Ontario region.
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