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Our Action Plan

1. Cleaning Vehicles

  • We disinfect all our vehicles before every trip we conduct.

  • We also are using hospital-grade disinfectants, which is super expensive, but we managed to get them before supplies sold out.

  • We have hand sanitizer available in our depot and our vehicles for use by our employees and customers/passengers.

  • We have virus disinfectants in spray bottles on our bus to allow the driver to conduct any cleaning he or she deems necessary during a scheduled route.

1. Cleaning Vehicles
  1. All staff is to notify someone in the management team if sick (any sickness) or have been exposed to someone who is sick.

  2. All staff that has any signs of any illness or flu are staying and working from home to avoid getting customers sick or customers sick with any time of virus or bacteria.

  3. We redid our schedule to make sure we only have minimum customer agent upfront at our office, and the rest are at the back, to make sure there is less exposure for our staff when working with the public.

  4. The staff that has recently traveled outside of Canada are asked to quarantine themselves for at least 14 days prior to returning to work.

2. Stay at home if sick policy


  1. We have alcohol-based hand sanitizers all over our office and waiting area, and each bus has them. All staff have access to personal hand sanitizers.

All our working space and staff have a container of approved disinfectants to clean their workstations multiple times per day. We have cleaning staff scheduled at our depot in Thunder Bay to ensure the entire office gets disinfected everyday, all contact surfaces, phones, door handles, seats, tables, coffee machines, vending machines, but also the walls and floors.

3. Following CDC Business Response Plan

We equipped all our bus drivers and front desk staff with contactless thermometers, and we implemented a policy to deny service to anyone who is symptomatic. The thermometer allows our staff to justify denial of service for anyone who is sick. We have a responsibility under the health and safety act and the labour code to ensure our staff safety.

Seat availability in our vehicles is limited to 50% capacity for social distancing measures whenever required.

Use gloves when handling shared equipment (fuel pump handle/locks, tools, POS machines) and sanitize all touch surfaces using wipes before and after use.

All our staff has a P95 mask, and we stocked piled enough masks for a month. Not cheap, but we did. All our staff are to use the masks if they believe there is a chance of exposure.

We demanded that our staff change their exposure on personal time, stay at home, not attend events, sport events, gatherings, avoid church, busy restaurants, shop at late hours with less people, If their family works in the health care business, stay at home if family members demonstrate a sign of the sickness of any type that can be confused for covid19.

Our staff request all customers to use hand sanitizers and recommend washing hands often.

We have signs all over our office to educate customers on the importance of washing hands and symptoms of the virus.

We do have masks available for customers in Thunder Bay when necessary.

We instructed our staff to save their money and build up savings, and not spend their income on not essential goods just in case if our operations ceased to operate temporarily, payroll also might stop depending on the duration of the shutdown. We want to make sure our staff have enough supplies and food to survive for 2 weeks in a quarantine situation. We are issuing payroll a day earlier right now to give our staff the cash early to be prepared.

4. Behaviour Changes

Our staff is willing to use Personal Protection Equipment during bus operations if necessary.

If the risk to our staff and customers becomes too high, we will suspend our operations for as long as necessary.

We would suspend operations when the issues get out of hand locally and/or at locations where our customers travel to and from.

If we suspend our operations, we will keep only minimal staff to working to allow our customers to communicate.

5. Extreme Measures
Remy Sharp

“If it happens, there is not much we can do due to financial damage. The responsibility will be with the governments to solve cash flow issues. We recommend we do the same as the USA, suspend Payroll and WSIB contributions, to allow for more cash flow to stay in the bank during shut down periods. Keeping that in mind, we cannot force anyone to save their money, but we are doing our best to educate our employees and prepare them for a worst-case scenario.”

Kasper Wabinski (CEO)

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Precatuions Individuals should take before traveling

Precatuions Individuals should take before traveling

Jul 07, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

At Kasper Transportation, we take educate precautions and measures to prevent Covid-19. The bus were kept santized after use as well. You can help us to protect each other by maintaining physical distance. Also, do follow the Govt. guidelines given on https://www.ontario.ca/page/travelling-during-covid-19
According to protocols, if a sick traveler has a contagious disease that is a risk to others on board the bus, we usually wouldn't allow them to board the bus. By any case if someone on the bus gets sick, we will take edequate steps for the safety of everyone. Be sure to give the us your current contact information when booking your ticket so you can be notified if you are exposed to a sick traveler on a bus.
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