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What is the seat booking process?

Customers must know their departure point, destination, dates, passenger details, and the amount of luggage. Customers are required to open a user account, and every customer is automatically entered into our loyalty program for point rewards. All customers must have an email, phone number, and valid ID. We communicate with our customers over email or push notifications to inform them of any updates regarding your travel. Without this information, we aren’t able to provide good and consistent customer service.

Website or App

You are required to fill in the requested information throughout the reservation process. Upon your successful payment, you will receive an email notification with your ticket and purchase. Customers can make purchases with the accumulated points. Customers can also log into their user accounts and reprint the purchased tickets, view the history of purchases, make changes, and track their loyalty points.

Over the Phone

Customers must call us at 18555662378 during business hours. You are required to have all the same information as the website or app option, but we will enter the date in our back-end system. If you are a new customer, please remember to open an account with us.

In Person

All customers can come to one of our terminals. We have only Thunder Bay currently set up as an in-person terminal with purchasing agents. Seats are not reserved, on hold until payment is made, and first come first serve applies.

Pay the Driver

Please come early enough to give the driver time to process your payment. This is our least recommended option. Our drivers are drivers, and not as savvy with digital technology. In rare instances that our customer does not have a computer or smartphone, we have this option available. Seats are not reserved, on hold until payment is made, and first come first serve applies.

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