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What access rights do emotional support animals have?

ESAs do not have the same access rights as service animals given their lack of training. ESAs known as therapy animals are often allowed into places such as medical facilities, nursing homes, and schools. Different legislation defines where other kinds of ESAs are allowed. Exceptions – undue hardship Some exceptions apply. The organization is required to accommodate these circumstances unless they amount to undue hardship. Undue hardship arises where it may not be practicable for the organization to accommodate the needs of the individual, due to cost considerations and health and safety requirements. Our bus service is exempt from ESA animal requirements under the undue hardship exemption, which applies due to our limited space, the nature of the service, requirements for other customers, and the cost associated with ESA animal accommodation. Buses are not designed set up and configured to meet ESA animal accommodations. We cannot accommodate practically the needs of our customers due to cost considerations and health and safety requirements for the following type of ESA animals: medium-large dogs, pigs, cats, ferrets, monkeys, miniature horses, hamsters, and fish. or animals that defecate, make controlled noises, cause smell and orders, or are hard to control and require stops beyond the scheduled stops on route. Small dogs that are well-behaved, and the owner can control, and no other passengers are negatively affected, can be accommodated. We ask our customers that require ESA animals to limit their request to small dogs and be prepared to meet our requirements of travel or our service will be denied under the undue hardship exceptions. Special arrangements can be made for travel on a not busy day if the dog is a medium size or larger. We just do not have the financial resources or capability to accommodate all types of animals and all requests. We are a small business with limited resources. For clients with needs that we cannot meet, we kindly redirect them to other service providers or modes of transportation. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

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