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How can I check my voucher balance and validity?

Validity of cancellation vouchers • Vouchers issued due to ride cancellation or delay for over 120 minutes from departure are valid for the rest of the calendar year and the following three years. • Vouchers issued due to cancellation on your own initiative are valid for 1 year.

Cancellation vouchers can be redeemed at the time of booking, until the credit runs out, through our website, in our Kasper or partner agencies or through the Kasper App. If the new ride is more expensive, the difference must be paid. If the new ride is cheaper, the rest amount remains on your voucher and can be used for another booking.

Validity of prepaid vouchers • Kasper vouchers are valid for 3 years • Voucher packages or promotions purchased from retail partners are valid for 1 year.

Please also note that vouchers issued as part of a promotion or as a goodwill gesture can only be redeemed once. They then lose their validity.

The regulations may vary in the case of special offers for a limited period. Further details can be found in the special promotion conditions available on the web portals.

You can also look for the e-mail with the voucher code we originally sent you to check its validity. In case of further questions about your voucher duration or balance, please contact us via chat or by clicking on the Contact us button under Help section.

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