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Are Service Animals Permitted on the Kasper bus?

Service animals are permitted if they have service training documentation, and the owner can ensure the bet is safe to travel without a kennel. We ask our customers to understand that some people abuse service animal status and it cost us money to accommodate our clients with service animals. We also want to ensure the animal is trained and able to cope with a trip with other passengers. Service animals can be larger; therefore, we ask our clients to inform us as early as possible of the intent to have a service animal with them onboard. We may need to reduce the bus seating capacity to make sure there is enough room for everyone and the animal. Also, we have a responsibility to our passengers to ensure no other customer has allergic reactions or health concerns with having a service animal onboard. That is a reality for us we need to work with. It is critical for us and our clients to be responsible and prepared when accommodating this request. We want everyone to be happy when using our service because we depend on repeat customers for our lively hood.

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