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Longlac – Thunder Bay – Longlac (Every Day)
 FromDeparture ToArrival 
 Longlac8:15 Geraldton8:45 
 Geraldton8:45 Jellicoe9:20 
 Jellicoe9:20 Beardmore9:45 
 Beardmore9:45 Macdiarmid10:00 
 Macdiarmid10:00 Nipigon10:45 
 Nipigon10:45 Thunder Bay12:30 
 Thunder Bay17:00 Nipigon18:15 
 Nipigon18:15 Macdiarmid19:00 
 Macdiarmid19:00 Beardmore19:15 
 Beardmore19:15 Jellicoe19:45 
 Jellicoe19:45 Geraldton20:15 
 Geraldton20:15 Longlac20:45 
Thunder Bay – Sioux Lookout – Thunder Bay (Every Day)
 FromDepartureDeparture ToArrivalArrival 
 Thunder Bay8:309:30 Kakabeka9:0010:00 
 Kakabeka9:0010:00 Upsala10:0011:00 
 Upsala10:0511:05 Ignace11:1012:10 
 Ignace11:2512:25 Dinorwic12:3013:30 
 Dinorwic12:3013:30 Sioux Lookout13:1614:16 
 Sioux Lookout14:0015:00 Dinorwic14:4015:40 
 Dinorwic14:4015:40 Ignace15:3016:30 
 Ignace15:4516:45 Upsala16:4517:45 
 Upsala16:5217:52 Kakabeka18:0019:00 
 Kakabeka18:0019:00 Thunder Bay18:3019:30 
Thunder Bay – Fort Frances – Thunder Bay (Monday - Friday)
 FromDepartureDeparture ToArrivalArrival 
 Thunder Bay11:3012:30 Sapawe Motel13:3014:30 
 Sapawe Motel13:3014:30 Atikokan13:5114:51 
 Atikokan14:0115:01 Seine River
 Seine River
15:0016:00 Fort Frances16:0017:00 
 Fort Frances16:3017:30 Seine River
 Seine River
17:3018:30 Atikokan18:2019:20 
 Atikokan18:3019:30 Sapawe Motel18:5119:51 
 Sapawe Motel18:5119:51 Thunder Bay21:0022:00 
White River – Thunder Bay – White River (Every Day)
 FromDeparture ToArrival 
 White River7:10 Manitouwadge Jct.7:40 
 Manitouwadge Jct.7:42 Marathon8:12 
 Marathon8:32 Terrace Bay9:28 
 Terrace Bay9:30 Schreiber9:38 
 Schreiber9:58 Pays Plat10:20 
 Pays Plat10:25 Nipigon11:05 
 Nipigon11:10 Thunder Bay12:20 
 Thunder Bay17:30 Nipigon18:40 
 Nipigon18:40 Pays Plat19:18 
 Pays Plat19:23 Schreiber19:41 
 Schreiber20:01 Terrace Bay20:12 
 Terrace Bay20:14 Marathon21:09 
 Marathon21:29 Manitouwadge Jct.22:00 
 Manitouwadge Jct.22:02 White River22:32 


Winnipeg – Sioux Lookout – Winnipeg (Every Day)
 FromDeparture ToArrival 
 Winnipeg - (HUB) Balmoral
and Ellice
7:20 Winnipeg
-1040 Beaver Hill
 Winnipeg8:00 Prawda9:00 
 Prawda9:05 Kenora10:15 
 Kenora10:30 Vermillion Bay11:30 
 Vermillion Bay11:35 Dryden12:10 
 Dryden12:15 Dinorwic12:25 
 Dinorwic12:26 Sioux Lookout13:25 
 Sioux Lookout14:00 Dinorwic14:50 
 Dinorwic14:51 Dryden15:10 
 Dryden15:15 Vermillion Bay15:55 
 Vermillion Bay16:00 Kenora17:00 
 Kenora17:05 Prawda18:05 
 Prawda18:05 Winnipeg19:30 
 Winnipeg -1040 Beaver Hill  Winnipeg -
(HUB) Balmoral and Ellice


Selkirk – Winnipeg (Southbound) (Monday - Friday)
Selkirk - Greenwood and Sophia6:308:3010:3015:3017:30
Selkirk - Main and Dufferin6:318:3110:3115:3117:31
Selkirk - Main and Vaughan6:358:3510:3515:3517:35
Selkirk - Main and Pacific6:378:3710:3715:3717:37
Selkirk - Main and Manchester6:398:3910:3915:3917:39
St Andrews - Hwy 9 and Lyall6:428:4210:4215:4217:42
Lockport - Hwy 9 and Stevens6:458:4510:4515:4517:45
St Andrews - Hwy 9 and Donald6:468:4610:4615:4617:46
St Andrews - Hwy 9 and St Andrews Rd6:478:4710:4715:4717:47
St Andrews - Hwy 9 and Parkton6:508:5010:5015:5017:50
West St Paul - Hwy 9 and Allenford6:558:5510:5515:5517:55
West St Paul - Hwy 9 and Grassmere7:009:0011:0016:0018:00
Winnipeg - Main and James7:159:1511:1516:1518:15
Winnipeg - Main and McDermot7:179:1711:1716:1718:17
Winnipeg - Main and Lombard7:199:1911:1916:1918:19
Winnipeg - Portage and Garry7:209:2011:2016:2018:20
Winnipeg - Portage and Donald7:229:2211:2216:2218:22
Winnipeg - Portage and Edmonton7:239:2311:2316:2318:23
Winnipeg - Portage and Colony7:249:2411:2416:2418:24
Winnipeg - (HUB) Balmoral and Ellice7:259:2513:2516:2518:25
Winnipeg – Selkirk (Northbound) (Monday - Friday)
Winnipeg - (HUB) Balmoral and Ellice7:309:3013:3016:3018:30
Winnipeg - Vaughan and Portage7:329:3213:3216:3218:32
Winnipeg - Portage and Edmonton7:339:3313:3316:3318:33
Winnipeg - Portage and Donald7:349:3413:3416:3418:34
Winnipeg - Portage and Fort7:359:3513:3516:3518:35
Winnipeg - Main and McDermot7:389:3813:3816:3818:38
Winnipeg - Main and James7:399:3913:3916:3918:39
West St Paul - Hwy 9 and Grassmere7:549:5413:5416:5418:54
West St Paul - Hwy 9 and Allenford7:599:5913:5916:5918:59
St Andrews - Hwy 9 and Parkton8:0410:0414:0417:0419:04
St Andrews - Hwy 9 and St Andrews Rd8:0710:0714:0717:0719:07
St Andrews - Hwy 9 and Donald8:0810:0814:0817:0819:08
Lockport - Hwy 9 and Stevens8:0910:0914:0917:0919:09
St Andrews - Hwy 9 and Lyall8:1210:1214:1217:1219:12
Selkirk - Main and Manchester8:1710:1714:1717:1719:17
Selkirk - Main and Pacific8:1810:1814:1817:1819:18
Selkirk - Main and Vaughan8:1910:1914:1917:1919:19
Selkirk - Main and Dufferin8:2110:2114:2117:2119:21
Selkirk - Greenwood and Sophia8:2510:2514:2517:2519:25


Note: We have switched booking platforms and as a result the schedules provided above may not match the actual times within the booking system. If the results here conflict with the booking system please let us know.


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