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Check out Episode 2: Travel with Kasper.

Sailing with Kasper and Sail Superior in the Thunder Bay historic harbour.
Kasper Transportation
The Kasper Show
Today we will go on a Sail Superior Sunset Cruise in the historically important harbour of Thunder Bay. Greg, the owner of this venture, purchased this beautiful 50ft catamaran yacht this year 2020, taking up to 24 passengers and sleep 10 on multi-night trips. Lake Superior is the largest freshwater lake globally, larger than some seas, offering some of the world's most spectacular views and scenery. Right here, in your background of Canada. Thunder Bay is situated on one of the most beautiful parts of all of the great lakes in Canada. Thunder Bay is easily accessible via regional airlines and only a 6-hour drive north of Minneapolis. It has never been easier to try and experience something unique when visiting Thunder Bay, or if you are a local to our region, join the fun and appreciate what local entrepreneurs have to offer.

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Kasper Transportation
Kasper Transportation
Today, I will take you to the Mount Mckay Lookout. I will show you why it is the best lookout in Thunder Bay. We will show you what it takes to get up the mountain so you can come and enjoy it yourself one a free evening or weekend!
Kasper Transportation
Kasper Transportation
Kasper Transportation
Good Morning!
Our Longlac to Thunder Bay bus is currently running about an hour and a half behind due to road closures on Hwy 11. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Kasper Transportation
Kasper Transportation
Good Afternoon Everyone! Our Thunder Bay to Sioux Lookout bus is running about an hour and a half behind. Due to road closure outside of Thunder Bay. Sorry for any inconveniences!
Kasper Transportation
Kasper Transportation
Kasper Transportation wants to wish our customers and staff a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a special time for many to gather together, and this year we cannot do that like we usually do. These are some very unusual times, but we will get through this together.

We are servicing our Northwest routes over this holiday, and our services are operational. Please call 1.855.566.2378 or visit www.gokasper.com

As Kasper Transportation continues to conduct safe business and transportation services to protect our regions from COVID19. Kasper Transportation does not travel to Southern Ontario or conduct services currently in Southern Ontario. Kasper does not believe it is responsible for other bus companies to provide services to/from COVID19 hot spots like Toronto. Kasper Transportation focuses on providing essential travel in Northwest Ontario for essential purposes. We do not cross multiple health zones. Our trained staff continues to conduct temperature checks for all customers, requiring health self-declaration forms, disinfecting our vehicles before each trip, and not permitting travel for customers that display symptoms of COVID19. Our bus company does not allow travel for customers who traveled outside of Canada within the last 14 days. So far We have not transported any customers with COVID19. We are proud of this fact, and we thank you for the effort our team and customers make to do the responsible thing.

Because we are headquartered In Northwest Ontario, we live in Northwest Ontario, we love Northwest Ontario so we are focused on Northwest Ontario. We continue to serve our region while protecting our region from a future lockdown providing responsible travel options. Travelers from the Toronto area coming to Thunder Bay or Winnipeg are not part of our customer base right now during COVID-19. We care, travel with those that care.

Be safe, and do the right thing, travel responsibly.

Happy Holiday,
Kasper Transportation
Kasper Transportation
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