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Notice of Cancellation of Commuter Services – Selkirk


Kasper Transportation has been trying to “make a go” of the Selkirk Commuter Line services since taking over this daily service on September 6th, 2017 from the previous provider. From the beginning, our company has been losing money on this service lane. However, as a company, we took the “leap of faith” with the hopes of being able to modify schedules and utilizing smaller vehicle types to how the business has been operating within the NW Ontario marketplace.

With inconsistency of changes in service provider over the past few years, schedule change requirements imposed, fare increases and discounted fare terminations with the 20 pack cards and monthly passes, and ride sharing, ridership has continued to dwindle to the point of where we are now at as a company.

Freight services had also been promoted within the Selkirk region to try and offset some of the costs of running this schedule lane service, with no avail.

As of February 27th, 2018, we are now exercising our due diligence and giving official notice to the public of the termination for the scheduled services as outlined in the Highway Traffic Act for the Selkirk community. This will follow a 90-day posting period requirement for the Manitoba Transport Board and the Selkirk community based on guidelines set in the Act.

We do thank all of those that have used our services over the past 5 months, and will continue to support all best we can until last days on this daily schedule.


Kasper Wabinski
President/CEO – Kasper Transportation

Kasper expands bus services into Manitoba


Kasper will be expanding operations into Manitoba starting September 5th, 2017. Online booking will be available this Friday (August 25th 2017). Manual tickets will also be available in the region via the Selkirk Transit Office, Harry’s Foods in Lockport, and Selkirk Library as of August 31st.


State of the Art Safety Equipment


Kasper Air has invested in a state of the art infrared imaging system as an addon to our already robust avionics package. This involves in installation of a “Max Viz 1400″ Camera. We believe in investing in the newest technology to provide the best flight experience and the safest possible flight for our passengers. No one else has this advanced technology. (more…)