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Dryden - Sioux Lookout 

Dryden – Sioux Lookout Morning Run 
Old Solomon’s Blue Building Behind McDonald’s, Dryden @ 7:15 am
Tim Horton’s Parking Lot, Sioux Lookout @ 8:30 am
Departing Sioux Lookout @ 8:45 am
Arrival Dryden @ 10:00 am

Dryden – Sioux Lookout Afternoon Run 
Departing Dryden @ 2:15 pm
Arrival Sioux Lookout @ 3:30 pm
Departing Sioux Lookout @ 3:45 pm
Arrival Dryden @ 5:00 pm

Dryden – Sioux Lookout Evening Run 
Departing Dryden @ 6:15 pm
Arrival Sioux Lookout @ 7:30 pm
Departing Sioux Lookout @ 7:45 pm
Arrival Dryden @ 9:00 pm

Longlac - Thunder Bay

Departs West Longlac – Thunder Bay
Longlac @ 8:15 AM from Robin’s Donuts
Geraldton @ 8:45 AM from Popeye’s Restaurant
Beardmore @ 9:45 AM from Ann’s Diner
Nipigon @ 10:45 AM from Husky Restaurant
Thunder Bay @ 12:00 PM – Thunder Bay Terminal (947 Memorial Ave.)

Departs East Thunder Bay – Longlac
Thunder Bay @ 5:00 PM – Thunder Bay Terminal (947 Memorial Ave.)
Nipigon @ 6:15 PM from Husky Restaurant
Beardmore @ 7:15 PM from Ann’s Diner
Geraldton @ 8:15 PM from Popeye’s Restaurant
8:45 PM @ Longlac Robin’s Donuts

Thunder Bay - Longlac Express

Thunder Bay & Sioux Lookout

Thunder Bay – Sioux Lookout 
Thunder Bay @ 9:30 AM from Thunder Bay Terminal (947 Memorial Ave.)
Upsala @ 11:00 AM from Shell Gas Station
Ignace @ 11:30 AM from Esso Gas Station
Sioux Lookout @ 1:20 PM arriving at Tim Horton’s

Sioux Lookout – Thunder Bay
Sioux Lookout @ 2:00 PM from Tim Horton’s
Ignace @ 3:30 PM from Esso Gas Station
Upsala @ 6:00 PM from Shell Gas Station
Thunder Bay @ 7:45 PM arriving at Thunder Bay Terminal (947 Memorial Ave.)

Manitoba Routes

As of November 7th the following changes will be taking place for the Selkirk Commuter Line:

  • $15 flat rate for all stops along the route to and from Winnipeg for Selkirk if paid on our buses – exact change only
  • $14 Adult fare One Way if purchased online  / $13 Student/Senior fare One Way if purchased online

The 20 pack books and monthly bus passes will be eliminated entirely as of November 7th.  However, anyone that has purchased these packs prior to this transition date will still be honored until completion.



Manitoba Route Details

Bus Routes

  • Expanding Routes

    Kasper offers service to a range of Northern communities, and are constantly adding to our list of destinations

Baggage Terms & Conditions

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