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Kasper Transportation Inc. is always looking to support our Canadian communities in anyway we can!


Kasper Transportation Inc. is always looking to support our Canadian communities in anyway we can! Please submit a detailed letter outlining your request for Sponsorship. We would love to hear from you!

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Supporting Local Vloggers

Over the last couple of years, getting lost in a rabbit hole of travel videos on YouTube was the closest that may of us got to travel. Global pandemic or not, travel vlogs provide a captivating insight into the world of travel and adventure. You can explore destinations from the comfort of your sofa and get endlessly inspired for your next trips.

The visual storytelling that video content allows for is perfect for travel. It’s an amazing way to discover new and unique perspectives on travel. Travel videos resonate with aspiring adventurers in a way that can be difficult with written content.

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Funding Free Trips

A week ago, I attended my daughter's grade school's annual PTO fundraiser.

While I was eyeing a spa basket and a collection of gift cards that would fuel my frequent Starbucks and Target trips for at least a week or so, I realized one auction item was definitely the evening's hot ticket.

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Corporate Sponsorships

Your opportunity offers tangible benefits including – but not limited to – branded assets, activation space and hosting occasions.

Air Canada should be able to engage with the attendance throughout the event. The opportunity should offer exclusivity in the airline and vacation package category, and provide an evaluative framework to measure and track success. Focus areas include arts, culture and sports.

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