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Advanced Avionics and Navigation Equipment

The Garmin G500 in the Mahindra Airvan 8 and the Garmin G1000 in the Quest Kodiak 100 are one of the foremost advanced avionics suites being used in aircraft this size today. Their intuitive layout of flight instruments and moving map displays provide the pilot with exceptional situational awareness even in the most challenging flight conditions.

Integrated into these units is ground-breaking Synthetic Vision Technology which uses 3D to provide pilots with a clear and intuitive means of understanding their flying environment, thereby bringing situational awareness to a whole new level in inclement weather.

Aircraft Design Safety Standards

We utilize the next-generation fleet of aircraft meet or exceed the latest Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) design safety standards.

Safety comes first

We believe in investing and utilizing in the newest technology to provide the best flight experience and the safest possible flight for our customers. Travel the friendly skies with Kasper Transportation.

Infrared Night-Vision Camera

The Quest Kodiak 100 is equipped with the Max-Vis 1400 Camera
which enhances safety by allowing the pilot to:

  • See clearly through summer haze, smoke, smog, and light fog
  • See everything clearly during the darkest night
  • See clouds and avoid them at night (smoother ride)
  • See the runway and taxiway clearly while avoiding wildlife and unlit obstructions at night

Garmin GFC 700 Advanced Autopilot

This top-of-the-line autopilot installed in our Quest Kodiak 100 is the ultimate performer. It can flawlessly handle every aircraft movement and pilot command, maximizing ride comfort for passengers and allowing the pilot to focus his or her attention of the big picture.

SiriusXM Aviation Satellite Weather

The world’s weather is at our fingertips. At any time and any place, our pilots can access the latest weather data including airport weather reports and forecasts, radar and satellite imagery, and lightning data allowing them to foresee problematic weather and take appropriate action well in advance.