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About Our Company

Kasper Transportation is an exclusive re-seller of air services based out of Pickle Lake, Ontario, provided by our partner airlines Greater Toronto Airways, that provides flexible and affordable Air Taxi solutions to communities big and small across Northwestern Ontario.  Our operation falls under the CTA Decision No.100-A-2016 which offers a provision for Air Service Re-sellers.  We do not require an air operators’ certificate because we are not an air carrier, airline or an air service.  Kasper Transportation does not own the aircraft, but we do co-market both our and our partner’s brand.  Our livery co-markets both brands as a symbol of our partnership.  We and our partner airlines are fully insured to meet and adhere to all Canadian regulations. This is a fairly new concept in the aviation industry and it is meant to provide businesses a more competitive environment, which will allow us to pass on the benefits to the consumer.


We are always looking to attract new highly motivated visionaries to join our team today! Please submit your resume below. Due to a high rate of daily calls, we cannot accept phone call inquiries and/or emails regarding employment.

When the National Transportation Act, 1987 was introduced it ushered in the deregulation of the aviation industry, eliminating restrictions on market entry, routes that could be operated, pricing, and the distinction between non-scheduled and scheduled domestic air services.  One such approach is the reseller model, whereby the reseller has commercial control over an air service and makes decisions on matters such as routes, scheduling, pricing and aircraft to be used, while air carriers operate the aircraft on the reseller’s behalf.

We also offer Charter Trips to families, organizations, schools, etc. Please call toll free 1-844-952-7354 to inquire about a quote for your trip and for more information. Passenger safety is our number one priority.


Kasper Transportation is always looking to support our Canadian communities in anyway we can! Please submit a detailed letter outlining your request for Sponsorship. We would love to hear from you!

Why Kasper?

Kasper Transportation provides flexible and affordable transportation solutions for communities big and small across Northern Ontario. Whether you’re heading out for business or pleasure, by land or air Kasper has you covered!

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    About Our Company

    Equipped with the most modern aircraft and buses we are ready to bring travel in Northern Ontario to the 21st Century. The future has arrived.

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    Utilized Fleet

    1 x GippsAero Aerospace GA8 Airvan
    1 x Quest Kodiak 100
    4 x Mercedes Sprinters
    2 x Ford Transits
    5 x Dodge Grand Caravans

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    Servicing Remote Areas

    Kasper Transportation is a service provider specialized in servicing Northern Ontario and is primarily based out of Pickle Lake Ontario with satellite bases in Sioux Lookout, Dryden, and Thunder Bay.