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Advanced Vehicle Technology Keeping Our Passengers Safe

You can rest assured we have not spared expense to ensure our passenger safety. We utilize high quality all season and winter tires, strict maintenance program that is computer monitored, front view dash cams and even security cameras with blind spot cameras, moose bumpers for extra frontal safety, LED lights bars for extra visibility, tire pressure monitors, strict driver training program with full background checks for all of our staff.  Our vehicles are equipped as best as possible straight from the factory. We spare no expense on ensuring our passengers and drivers are comfortable safe.

All of our vehicles under go semi annual safety inspections under the guidelines of Ministry of Transportation, before very trip our drivers conduct a detailed circle check to make sure no surprises have came up to jeopardize safety of our guests. We have access to a series of service facilities across the provinces.

Safety by Design

Most operators unlike us, choose to utilize old equipment, on the contrary we believe our customer deserve the best, and most modern technology possible with safety designed into the vehicle its self. Government agencies increase the level of required minimum crash safety requirements. All though we do we have older buses as old as 2005 in our fleet, most of our fleet is 2015 and newer, with new vehicles being added every year and our oldest vehicles being retired. Different jurisdictions may require as little to no over site for locally based operators which are left with little to no pressure to comply. We volunteer comply with provincial  and strict regulations mandated by most properly organized municipalities.  We urge for guests to always prefer safety over price, even though we are very affordable, make sure you are getting what you pay for with all operators. We take the extra step to insure your safety.

Safety comes first

Blind Spot Assist

Blind spot assist will allow for our drivers to ensure they do not change lanes if there is any traffic in the blind spot of the bus. This will avoid expensive damage and injury to other drivers and our guests. In the busy modern cities one cannot be complacent and modern technology reduces the chances for risk of failure and fatigue for our drivers.

Dashcams and Security Cameras

We utilize a range of products to allow us to see what our driver sees and in the event of any disputes on the bus we have the full story to avoid any miss understandings. This will keep everyone honest and safe and most importantly happy.

GPS Tracking and Vehicle behavior Manitoring

Our customers can rest assured that good old honesty is backed by world class monitoring technology. We can ensure and maintain quality standards for all of our drivers.  We hope this will ensure a pleasant experience for all of our guests.